Click and Grow
Smart flowerpot

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Electronic smartpot that grows herbs and flowers without watering and fertilizing

Our smart gardens make it easy for anyone to grow herbs and flowers at home.

Inspired by NASA, we've created a solution that gives plant roots an optimal amount of water, oxygen and nutrients at all times.The backbone of our smart gardens is the nano technological growth medium, or smart soil. It contains pockets for oxygen even when it's wet and supplies plants with an optimal amount of nutrients.

The Smart Flower Pot's technology helps make sure everyone can easily grow flowers and herbs indoors. All you need to do is add water when an indicator reminds you to, keep the smart garden connected to a power source - and enjoy having live plants around!

Our smart gardens consist of two parts: - A Smart Garden: includes electronics, sensors, batteries, a pump and a water reservoir. It does not include seeds, nutrients, a plant or software for growing the plant. - The plant cartridge – inside a plant cartridge there are seeds, nutrients and special software for growing the plant in the cartridge.

Replaceable plant cartridges What’s awesome is that the flowerpot and the cartridge work together just like a printer and a toner. Just like you can change the empty printer cartridge, you can change the plant cartridge in the Click and Grow pot. If the plant’s natural life cycle ends, you can remove the old plant cartridge and insert a new one. Immediately the flowerpot will start to grow a new plant! Therefore you can use the Click and Grow smartpot several times by just replacing the plant cartridges.

What do you need to get started? Remove lids from the pot Insert 4 AA batteries into battery vault (red). Fill the water reservoir with good quality water up to the indicated water level mark. Do not pour water into the cassette! Place your pot in a spot with good light conditions. Wait 1-2 weeks for the cute sprouts to appear. Feel proud!

There are two things that you need to do on rare occasions. After a month or two you need to refill the water reservoir and once a year you need to change the batteries. But what's great is that the smart flowerpot will let you know when it's time to add water or to change the batteries. There's no guesswork involved whatsoever! If the flowerpot needs water, it will blink a blue light and if it needs new batteries a red light will blink as a reminder. If everything is alright, a green light will blink once in five minutes.


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    Makes growing a plant idiot proof

    January 09, 2013 by Jim Patterson Recommended

    The Click and Grow makes it pretty much brain dead simple to grow a plant, in my case basil. You put in the batteries, add some water , stick it in a window for a few months and voila, you have a basil plant. I'll probably try the chili pepper one next.

    Stephen Svajian 02/01/13

    Would you recommend this for someone who routinely kills plants? I'm thinking about getting this for my wife and she can't keep a plant alive. My wife = 1/green thumb.

    Jim Patterson 02/01/13

    Yes. Like I said, there is literally nothing to it. You put in the batteries and pour some water in the tank and let it sit in a window. Anyone can do it.

    Stephen Svajian 02/08/13

    Well, my question is not so much is there nothing to it as it is what can you do to make a plant not grow. My wife, eh, she's not so good with keeping plants alive. If you wanted a plant to not grow, what would you do? I want to find out how plausible that is.

    Linda Knight 05/16/13

    Oh I need this-I kill everything

    Pai Gow 08/22/13


    Nia Alston 08/30/13

    Sounds good

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    Click and Grow Works! small issue

    February 25, 2013 by Christopher Lacey Recommended

    I would absolutely recommend Click and Grow to everyone. I received the pepper plant and set the unit up per the instructions (with a light on a timer positioned above) and thought I was all set to go.

    A few days later, I noticed the unit wasn't making any noise whatsoever and the light wasn't blinking (it only flashes occasionally). A quick check of the soil (dry) and it was obvious the unit wasn't actually functioning. Long story short...I removed the battery pack (requires 4 batteries) and "played" with the wires a bit...and sure enough it made a noise (not loud) that was clearly the water pump. So I was a bit late getting going, but was still curious to see if a plant would actually grow.

    I'm in Upstate New York, have the opposite of a green thumb, and started this well before the typical planting season.

    I delayed posting my review because I wanted to see how the product worked over time. I'm happy to report that I have two (very healthy looking) pepper plants. I am still curious if the few days delay with the wiring after I had set the unit up inhibited even more growth...but the plants are flowering like crazy already! I'm hooked. It's nice to be able to "set it and forget it". When the seeds first sprouted, I added water only after a few weeks. Lately, with the larger plants, I seem to be adding water more regularly (I top it off weekly but I'm confident it could go a lot longer without more water).

    There's an LED on the side of the unit that blinks every so often (not very often) letting you know if everything is ok (green light) or not ok (another color). It's easy to lift off the cover to add water and the whole thing is just so straightforward that even I can do it.

    If you're looking for a "no hassle" way to grow an assortment of plants inside, I would strongly recommend the Click and Grow (despite my initial problem). Now I know to make sure that when I add the batteries, it should make a noise (hint, hint).

    Based on my experience so far, I will definitely be purchasing replacement packs for this gizmo as soon as I'm done with the pepper plant.

    In summary, if you have a green thumb and like the "work"...this is not what you want. If you're like me (opposite of a green thumb, don't live in a great climate area to grow plants, or don't like to bother with these types of things) ... then Click and Grow is most definitely for you.

    Misty Lowe 05/30/13


    Jennifer Willenbrock 09/10/13

    I really want this!!!!

    Lisa Smith 10/16/13


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    April 26, 2013 by Linda Boyd Recommended


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    Great product for anyone!

    August 03, 2013 by Jen Ko Recommended

    I am really happy with the click and grow planter- I got the basil one. It sprouted within a few days and has taken off ever since. It does need a lot of light, though. On average, my basil gets about 3600 lux value (according to the LuxMeter app) and the click&grow website says the bare minimum is about 1800 lux. At first, the basil would bend towards the light and the basil sprouts further from the window would not be growing as well as the ones in the front, so I would use a desk lamp for a few hours a day (approx 5000+ lux).

    Set up took less than 10 minutes, it's really simple and you don't need anything except batteries and water.

    It has been 3 weeks since I started growing the basil and they are approximately 3-5 inches tall. Not all the sprouts survived because they were a bit too crowded once they grew bigger and the smaller ones died off (but not many), likely from lack of light. I would suggest turning the flowerpot everyday so each side gets adequate light and it's not just the few basil plants closest to the window receiving the most light.

    Approximately 3 weeks after set up, the planter displayed the blue light which means it needs water. I would still recommend checking the water level manually occasionally because sometimes I just don't have the patience to wait around for 5 minutes to see what color the LED light is. That's the only complaint I have- unless you put the planter right in front of your desk while you are working, you won't notice the blue light. When I do want to check how it is doing, sometimes I just have to stare at it for a couple minutes until it flashes (since it flashes once every 5 minutes and it's very quick). It would be really convenient if there was a button to push to show the light instead of having to wait.

    I would definitely recommend Click and Grow to anyone who just wants to grow something with less work, but I will say that just because it automatically waters the plant for you and you only have to refill the water every few weeks, it doesn't mean you can totally set it up and forget about it. It still needs a lot of light just like any plant. I've read other reviews on and a lot of people say that they sprout and they just die off- probably because of inadequate lighting (which is not really that hard to provide). I will likely be buying refills for my Click and Grow, I really would love to try the mini tomatoes!

    picture of sprouts to now:

    Caitlin Wright-Villasenor 10/07/13

    For some reason its not letting me do a review for this item yet But Today is day 20 and ALL the plants are dead. I dont understand why. I put in water and batteries to the fill line. I have it in the window where it gets Plenty of sun every day. its not outside to freeze or anything. I have seen on their facebook they are not very Friendly or nice at all when they reply so I dont wish to even contact them to tell them but it appears many people have had this issue. I was so excited when they started sprouting in only 5 days But for the price of this item I would not chance it and buy this product

    Jen Ko 10/12/13

    I've seen a couple of reviews saying that they died too, but did they just suddenly die off one day or were there already signs previously? If your plants were reaching for the sunlight and growing sideways, it's a sign that you did not provide enough light. Even though there was a lot of sunlight where I put my basil, in the early stages I still had to provide a lamp as a light source for a couple hours a day in order to make sure they grew straight up instead of sideways towards the sunlight. However, after the basil grew tall enough (~5 inches), I no longer provided the extra light source and they grew fine. I would suggest emailing them about it, it's better than doing nothing at all.

    Caitlin Wright-Villasenor 10/28/13

    I see other peoples units make noise?? mine does not. it just flashes. and my plants grew straight up I have pics to prove it. but then they just died... Soil was noise Im not sure what happened. Im trying to grow something else in it to see if it will work but im not holding my breath. Looking on their FB page a lot of people have had issues and they are not very Friendly in response. this is not a cheap item and for the plants to die not even a month into it is sad. I have a garden every year i start in the same location i had this and i never fail. yet this did...

    Jen Ko 11/13/13

    Yeah, it does make a noise when it is letting water into the soil (or I assume this is what it is doing). I am not sure what happened, sorry. But have you tried contacting them even though other people did not have pleasant responses?

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    Wow it really really works

    November 14, 2013 by Gina Jimenez-Atcher Recommended

    I love this its awesome for people like me who kill anything that needs to be watered.. I received the mini tomatoes and i set this up and wow its ready to grow i have it sitting in the kitchen where it can get the amount of light it needs and thats all there is to it i am amazed at how simple this is i am for sure gonna get a few more i love to have fresh vegtables on hand this is the must go to product if you have a hard growing or keeping plants alive

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    Not that great

    November 16, 2013 by Caitlin Wright-Villasenor Neutral

    I got this Click and grow and was super excited! It came super fast and I got basil with it. I even walked 3 miles that night to get batteries! It takes 4 double A batteries and Mine did not want to work until i wiggled the wires around. it seems to be a common problem after looking at reviews. I added the water and it flashed like normal. Ive heard many say it makes a humming noise. mine makes no noise at all and only flashes green while others say it flashes another color. The plants sprouted super fast and grew great for 21 days. Then they just died. I had them in good light not to cold or hot. I grow plants often and never had issues. I have no idea what happened. So I took the dead plants out and Planted snap peas. Its been about a month and they are huge. So I would never pay the price they are asking for this thing but I did find a way to reuse it without having to buy new filters for it which I personally feel are very overpriced. Overall I would not buy one of these which I would have at the beginning and had intended on buying them as gifts. But now I would not pay more then $15 for one of these. Especially since it didnt work until i messed with the wires. OH and when i opened up the battery pack to see if that was what might have caused the plants to die there was a little water inside with the batteries. But the light still flashes so i dont think it effected anything.