Fitbit Flex
Activity and sleep wristband

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Enjoy 24/7 tracking with Fitbit's first wristband tracker.

Flex is your perfect companion. Wear it on your wrist day and night and it will track all of your activity. Just check out the lights to see how you stack up against your personal goals. It's the motivation you need to get out and be more active.

Set your Goal. Sync your Stats. Set a personal goal. Flex uses LED lights to show you how your day is stacking up against your goal. Sync your stats real-time directly on select iPhone and Android devices and computers*. See your stats anytime. Also with some Android devices, you can tap your device to launch your Fitbit stats.

Track your goals with online & mobile tools. You can set goals, track your activity, sleep trends, log food, workouts, and more. And like with all Fitbit trackers, you can earn badges, connect with friends to share and compete for extra encouragement.


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    Finally a Fitbit I won't easily lose!

    June 06, 2013 by Courtney Svajian Recommended

    I've been an avid user of Fitbit Trackers for the last three years. I've gone through 3 in that time. The clips would always break, so I'd have to jam them into my back pocket or in my sports bra while running. Not ideal. I was pumped to test out the Fitbit Flex because of the new design. They haven't nailed it yet, unfortunately, but here are my pros and cons:

    Pros: 1. Sleek, wristband style with strong clasp. I actually had to have my husband help secure it on. I feel confident that it's not going anywhere. 2. It is lightweight and good looking. I don't mind or even notice that it is on my wrist all day. 3. It's water resistant, so I wear it in the shower and while washing dishes. Because I don't have to take it off at all I easily remember to keep it on while going to bed, so that I can track my sleep. The Fitbit Tracker required the user to wear a night time wrist sleeve thing. These extra steps (taking it out of my pocket, finding the sleeve, putting it on, putting in the Fitbit) usually meant that I forgot to track my sleep. 4. Checking your stats requires two taps on the band (shows you dots for every 20% of your goal you have accomplished) and putting the Flex into sleep mode (and indicating you are awake in the morning) requires several rapid taps until it vibrates. Very easy.

    Cons: 1. No screen. This is my major issue with the design. If I'm wearing something on my wrist I would love for it to tell me the time. I can't tell you how many times I've looked down at my wrist hoping to see some numbers, and then feeling like an idiot, have to fish out my iPhone. Also, without a screen the only way I can see my actual daily progress is to look at the app on my phone or computer. The Fitbit Tracker let you scroll through your stats so you could see how you were doing and how far away you were from the elusive 10,000 step goal. The Flex shows you dots representing 20% of your goal. It vibrates when you hit the goal (a little celebration on my wrist - which feels fun), but I'd really like to see exact numbers. 2. I was also excited about the Flex's silent alarm feature. You set your alarm on your phone and the Flex vibrates softly to wake you up at that time. I haven't been able to get this to work for me yet. Granted, I haven't taken the time to look into Fitbit's help section so it could be (and likely is) user error.

    Overall I would recommend this activity tracker. It's an improvement over the other models and still gives you great stats and graphs in the app and at your dashboard. My fingers are crossed for the addition of a little screen though - maybe next time.

    Edrick Robinson 04/28/14


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    Almost there, Fitbit! (but not quite)

    June 20, 2013 by Jonel Beach Neutral

    I have been very excited about trying the Fitbit Flex - after trying both the Fitbit One & the Jawbone UP this year. In January, I wound up favoring the Jawbone UP because it was a bracelet & I kept almost losing the Fitbit One Clip on the street or in the laundry. There were some reasons I was sad to lose Fitbit earlier this year, so I was very enthusiastic about testing the Fitbit Flex.

    I use these devices to track not only my overall health, but also monitor my disability with my doctors. I have a neurological condition in which quality of sleep and activity directly impact the severity of my symptoms. You don't need a disability (I don't think) to relate with my feedback here.

    After reviewing the pros and cons of the Fitbit Flex (when comparing to my Jawbone UP), I ultimately stuck with my Jawbone UP. If Fitbit made a few improvements - I would quickly consider changing my mind & recommending the Flex to all of my friends, family, doctors at UCSF & my disability support group.


    1) Fitbit Flex seems to be a little more accurate in measuring sleep. It seems to catch more of my awake periods.

    2) Fitbit's bracelet has a much cleaner design & it's smoother. Jawbone has some sharp edges that can scratch people when I hug them.

    3) I also love it when it buzzes to tell me I met my activity goals! It's really encouraging, as nerdy as that sounds.


    1) This version of Fitbit no longer tracks stairs climbed. This was a major draw for me with the Fitbit One, so I was sad to see it go.

    2) Their app isn't as intuitive as Jawbone's app for a few key reasons. This was my biggest deal breaker - so I hope they improve it soon!

    ---- The graphs aren't as easy to read at a glance. Infographics serve one purpose: to allow you to clearly and easily review data. I don't think this app reaches the mark yet. Jawbone is easier to calculate results, and it's much more attractive (I work in mobile app design/development, and understand the importance of this with the user's experience.)

    ---- Navigation isn't as intuitive as it should be. A few minor modifications would make a world of difference - including accessing sleep graphs more easily.

    ---- While Fitbit Flex seems to be a little more accurate in the data it collects (aside from how it's presented, the device itself seems to surpass the Jawbone's device hands down)... I find it frustrating that it only collects it. There is no way to track how you feel, track symptoms (in my case with a disability - or if a soccer player got cramps in their calves, etc.). Without context - what are we actually collecting all of this data for anyway? Jawbone's ability to track moods & make notes directly in my feed is the #1 reason I chose to stick with Jawbone.

    I am keeping my Fitbit Flex - as I really, really hope they'll make a couple UI/UX modifications to their app so I can make the switch for good. But until these improvements are addressed... I'll keep wearing my uglier Jawbone band that scratches people (sorry boyfriend)!

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    July 19, 2013 by Stephen Svajian Recommended

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    Makes me move more!

    September 06, 2013 by Jan Warner Recommended

    Seemed everyone had a Fitbit but me but now I have one too and it is the Fitbit Flex. I LOVE it! I wear it everyday and at the end of the day, I check to see how many steps I have taken. 10,000 is my goal, because I am getting over a sprained ankle. It is simple to set up although I was a little confused about what direction the computer thingy went into the wrist band but I figured it out. It has a piece to plug into the computer and it syncs with my wristband and I can check it. The sleep part is a bit confusing because one night when I thought I slept really well the Fitbit told me I woke up 24 times. I think I need to work on that part a bit more, but right now I am more concerned about getting 10,000 steps in a day and then hopefully move up to 15,000. I think it is very stylish and fun! It is very easy to charge on the computer and it also chargers really quick. High recommend this to everyone...Get out and get walking! Thanks for the opportunity to try it!

    Jan Warner 09/07/13

    I also want to add that I love the fact that I get an email telling me the Fitbit has a low battery, very nice feature!