Sous vide cooking device


Bring sous vide into your kitchen.

Food lovers no longer have to salivate in vain at the delicious foods their favorite chefs make in immersion circulators for sous vide cooking. Now you can make 72 hour sweet and sticky ribs and Heston Blumenthal's scrambled eggs conveniently in your own kitchen--all with the power of Nomiku.

What is Sous Vide? It's a simple yet effective process that uses precise heat to create perfect dishes. Just put your desired ingredients into a bag, give it an airtight seal, and then rest it in a Nomiku-controlled water bath. The resulting food is tender, moist, flavorful, and unlike anything you have made at home before.

Sadly, sous vide machines in the past have been too expensive ($1000+!) and complicated (six buttons?) for the home cook. Luckily, the Nomiku has one knob that you turn to adjust the temperature and a screen that displays the temperature. You press the screen to turn the Nomiku on and off. The Nomiku clips on to almost any pot you already own and can be stored away after use; it is the most compact immersion circulator in the world. And unlike other home sous vide machines like the Sous Vide Supreme, Nomiku actually circulates water, making for even cooking and eliminating any cold spots.

Throughout our sous vide adventure we have always been active members of the maker community and have always been voracious eaters. We wanted to share sous vide with the world so we created for sous vide recipes and made a DIY kit for hackers from our little Lower East Kitchen. It became quite clear to us that if we really wanted to get everyone sous viding it would take more than a kit--- we'd have to make a consumer appliance.

Our machine has been vetted by some of the best people in the appliance industry and they stand behind our design and technology. Dr. Abe Fetterman, co-founder and plasma physicist, worked closely with Dragon Innovation engineers who made the Roomba to make the guts of the Nomiku. Bam, co-founder and industrial designer, closely aligned the design ideas from our mentors at IDEO to make a beautiful and accessible appliance. He's also worked with Zoku in the past. Q, co-founder, is not a top chef, but she is a pretty good cook. She's tested over 100 sous vide recipes using our prototypes since the beginning of the fun a year ago (and we've made a lot of friends along the way).

Here are some specs to get you better acquainted with the Nomiku:

  • Heater output: 750 Watts.
  • Circulation rate: 10 L/min.
  • Temperature accuracy: 0.2° C.
  • Temperature stability: 0.1 C.
  • Display: 1.3" full color OLED.
  • Minimum water height: 4 inches.
  • Live switching between Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  • Separate 120V (US + Canada) and 220V versions (the 220V version will work with 220V-240V, and is projected to ship in the fall)