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Watch, pause and record live TV from your iPad, Roku box, web browser, and more.

TV anytime, anywhere. Simple.TV is the first personal DVR that streams live and recorded TV to your favorite devices, wherever you are. Get all your broadcast TV favorites on your iPad, PC, Mac or Roku box.

Your favorite shows, now playing. Most Americans have access to the major networks – ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW, PBS – with a simple HD antenna. Yet most of us pay a fortune every year just so the cable companies can deliver it to us in our living rooms. With Simple.TV, you can cut your cable bill and take advantage of all of the amazing HDTV that virtually all of us get for free.

It's a little bit different.

Simple.TV isn't your standard DVR. It doesn't plug into your TV set, it won't let you get encrypted cable channels* or satellite TV and you plug in your own hard drive (for as much storage as you need).

What it will do is capture free-to-air broadcast TV or digital basic cable** shows and make them available on all your favorite connected screens – inside your house, or on the road.

And up to five family members can watch Simple.TV simultaneously.

A DVR that saves you money.

Are you shocked at the size of your cable bill? You should be. Premium cable packages can set you back thousands of dollars a year. But adding Simple.TV to your home entertainment system will save you money. By ditching cable, installing an antenna and purchasing Simple.TV, you could save more than $2000 over two years.

Easy setup and installation.

Simple.TV replaces your existing cable box with a smaller, less power hungry (and frankly better-looking) device. It captures live TV from its antenna/cable input, encodes it into variable bit-rate video, and stores it on a USB hard drive that you provide.

What types of TV signals does Simple.TV support?

Simple.TV can be used with two types of input

  • A rooftop or in-home antenna (a.k.a. ATSC "over-the-air")

  • Basic cable (a.k.a. Clear QAM).

You cannot use a cable or satellite box with Simple.TV, since it is designed to work with unencrypted signals. You won't be able to get HBO, Showtime, ESPN or pay-per-view channels. But, you will typically be able to get FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, CW and many local channels.

App and browser support.

Simple.TV is designed to work with modern HTML5 browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. We also have dedicated apps for iOS and the Roku media streamer.

Additional custom apps for other platforms are in the pipeline, so you'll soon be able to watch Simple.TV on other streaming devices as well. If you have a favorite, let us know!

Premier service? Sounds fancy.

“Premier Service” is what we call the optional subscription service that provides you with a rich program guide, series recording capabilities and streaming to devices outside the home. It's optional – but we highly recommend it.

The subscription price is intentionally low and way cheaper than any other mainstream DVR subscription.

Even with a monthly subscription, Simple.TV will save you tons of money over cable or satellite.


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    Love this product!

    June 14, 2013 by Adrienne Marie Recommended

    The is great. I set it up in my kids room on they're t.v and they love it.. Most cable boxes mess up during the rain and the past week it has been raining very badly and this box works very good... I would recommend this product to everyone!

    Courtney Svajian 06/14/13

    I'm thinking of getting one for our house, was the set up really as easy as they make it seem in the video?

    Adrienne Marie 06/14/13

    Yes very easy, they tell you exactly what to do :)