Sustainable Water Filter

100.0% Fresh

The World's Most Innovative Water Filter

Finally, a beautiful glass carafe and 100% compostable water filter, delivered right to your door via subscription service.

Sustainable Water Filter

100% compostable filter: Made from all-natural Malaysian coconut shells, vegan silk, and food-based PLA plastic. "There's nothing else like it in the world."

Designed by David Beeman: One of the top water filtration experts, with over 30 years of experience creating water formulas for Starbucks, Peet's, and other global brands.

Superior taste: Soma's proprietary formula produces the best tasting water. You'll notice a crisp, pure taste you won't find anywhere else.

Glass Carafe

Sleek, minimal design: We eliminated all unnecessary features, resulting in a form that is beautiful because of its elegant simplicity.

You'll want to show it off: Soma will be the centerpiece of your next dinner party. Say good bye to hiding your filtered water in the fridge.

Drip-free pouring: The beveled edge of the glass carafe results in a perfect pour, every time.


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    Beautifully designed.

    October 16, 2013 by Jen Ko Recommended

    The packaging of the Soma was quite nice, although when it arrived, the top of the box looked like it had already been opened. In the box: 1 carafe and 1 filter.

    I followed the instructions to set up the carafe which were pretty straight forward and simple. You have to soak the filter first for ~15 minutes and then run water through it for approx. 1-2 minutes (or so they suggest). However, I would definitely soak it and run water through it for a lot longer than they suggest. I still saw a lot of carbon particles coming out of the filter even after running water through it for 5 minutes. It does say to discard the water for the first time filling up the Soma (and possibly the first two, three times) because there may be some small carbon particles in the water.

    Filling up the Soma is pretty easy and it filters the water quickly. I love the design of the Soma -- very sleek and modern -- but it is a tad bit heavier than I'd like it to be. Nonetheless, it's more attractive than other filters I've seen.

    I like the idea of a subscription for the filters (they automatically mail you a new filter every 2 months), but for $12.99 is pretty expensive for a filter. Though considering this could replace the need to buy bottled water, it could potentially be money saving. Since they're really big on being eco-friendly, maybe they should implement a system for customers to mail back their used filters after they receive their new ones. Then they could somehow recycle the used filters.

    I love the design of the Soma and would recommend it to anyone who is tired of boiling tap water to drink (yes, I used to do this before Soma came along...)

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    Awesome product

    October 18, 2013 by Adrienne Marie Recommended

    We love our water... We usually buy spring water because we don't like to drink that horrible tap water... We put tap water in the Soma and placed in the fridge to get cold, as soon as it got cold we tested it and i will just say it was amazingly clean water.... My family loves the Soma and we will recommend it to everyone!